Business Outlook Survey

1. Compared to your plan, your company¡¯s performance in China in 2005 is
a. Better
b. Same
c. Worse
d. NA or don¡¯t know

2. How do you foresee your company's overall performance in next year?
a. Good
b. Poor
c. Hard to say

3. Five-year outlook for your company¡¯s business in China
a. Optimistic
b. Neutral
c. Pessimistic

4. Please indicate your overall satisfaction with China's business environment this year?
a. Very satisfactory somewhat
b. Somewhat satisfactory
c. Somewhat dissatisfactory
d. Very dissatisfactory

5. How does your company consider the outlook for the business environment in China in the next year?
a. Improved
b. Not change
c. Worse

6. How confident are yout that the country's leaders can continue to liberalize and manage economic growth effectively next year?
a. Very confident
b. Somewhat confident
c. Not very confident
d. Not at all confident

7.Your company¡¯s prospect on China¡¯s economic growth in 2006
a. Higher
b. Remain unchanged
c. Lower

8. What is your company¡¯s top business challenge in China this year?
a. Management-level human resource
b. Bureaucracy
c. Unclear regulation
d. Lack of transparency
e. Corruption
f. Difficulty enforcing contract terms
g. Local protectionism
h. Power shortage

9.Over the next year, the investment of your company in China is likely to
a. Will accelerate compared to this year
b. Remain unchanged
c. Will be curtailed
d. NA or don¡¯t know

10. China¡¯s rank in near-term global investment plans?
a. Top priority
b. Top-three priority
c. One among many FDI destinations
d. Not a high priority

11. Over the next year, do you expect your company¡¯s workforce in China to
a. Increase
b. Not change
c. Decrease

12. Does your company have the plan to increase R&D investment in China next year?
a. Yes
b. No
c. NA or don¡¯t know

13. Likely M&A plan in China in the near-term
a. Yes
b. No
c. NA don¡¯t know

14. The effect of RMB revaluation on business
a. Positive
b. No Impact
c. Negative
d. NA or don¡¯t know

Is there anything else you would like to tell us regarding your business outlook in China?

Please give us your reply before December 6th . Thank you for your participation and help!