January 17-24, 2006


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Emptied Shanghai Orthodox churches await new roles
With their imposing architecture, cavernous vaulted ceilings and ornate decoration, Shanghai's old Russian Orthodox churches should be prime real estate.

Expat Community

Jazz venue head and shoulders above others
IF your heart leaps to a jazz beat, Shanghai has a surprising collection of offerings for you, ranging from international names to more humble (but still eager) local contributions. The most luxurious choice, and arguably the best jazz club in China, is CJW.
Sheltered from the winter chill
THE nightlife heart in Pudong has recently moved from Lujiazui to the area close to the No.1 Yaohan Department Store where a group of new commercial buildings have opened, with more dining outlets.


Cross-Straits shoot-out
KUNSHAN, SUZHOU: The local Golden Point pool club stole the Christmas spotlight in this small city. Top billiard players from the mainland and Chinese Taipei chose to celebrate their Christmas with a cross-Straits, 9-ball tournament in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province and made the city a buzz for pool.

New Leader eager to serve 'Little Taipei'
THE telephone on Kuan Shin Lee's desk has been ringing almost non-stop over the past few weeks. Lee, chairman of Taijune Enterprise Co Ltd, is the new president of the Taiwan Compatriot Investment Enterprises Association of Kunshan, a small city that is home to about 2,700 Taiwan enterprises.


Sometimes old standby is best

HANGZHOU: Many famous restaurants in Hangzhou have been serving customers for close to a century. Zhiweiguan is one of these.


Coffee crowds Suzhou culture
SUZHOU: Crouching like a warship over the ancient canal in Suzhou, the flagship Dio Coffee near the Wannian Bridge (Everlasting Bridge) is challenging a city whose citizens are proud of their elegant tea culture.


Southport legends: Winter by the Irish Sea
THE ghosts of Southport in England seem alive and well. As a seaport that developed over the centuries, Southport has a long history of pirates and sailors, but most horrific are the legends of the old Palace Hotel.