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1, Yanlord Garden, Puming Lu, 2/1/1, 7F, 84sqm, furnished, RMB1.75 million;

2, Mega View, Puming Lu, 3/2/2, 4F, 136sqm, furnished, RMB1.4 million;

3, Mega View, Puming Lu, 3/2/2, 1F, 161sqm, unfurnished, RMB1.44 million;

4, East City Garden, Dongfang Lu near Renji Hospital, 3/2/2, 9F, 151sqm, unfurnished, RMB1.38 million;

5, Jin Xiu Hua Cheng, Jinxiu Lu, 3/2/2, 6F, 140sqm, unfurnished, RMB980,000;

6, Shimao Riviera Garden, Weifang Lu, 3/2/2, 7F, 229sqm, furnished, RMB3.2 million;

7, Tomson Centre, Zhangyang Lu, 1/1/1, 23F,
72.06sqm, Service Apartment, RMB720,000;

8, Zhong Tian Bi Yun, Biyun Lu, 3/2/2, 6F, 126.4sqm, unfurnished, RMB880,000;

9, Tomson International Apartment, Longdong Da Dao, 3/2/2, 6F, 118sqm, luxuriously furnished, RMB1.55 million;

10, Bi Yun Garden, Biyun Lu, 5/2/3, 3F, 286.69sqm, unfurnished, RMB3.3 million.

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Taohuayuan Tian Zhuang on Xinsong Rd, Villa, 357.7sqm, RMB2,900,000, 5849-0435; Haitong Yuan near Century Park Metro Station, 3bdrm+2liv rm, 137.4sqm, RMB795,000, 5045-1407; Longzhu Square, Pudong Dadao, 3bdrm+2liv rm+2bathrm, 143.21sqm, RMB1,000,000, 5054-1791; New Century Square, near Loushanguan Rd, 3bdrm+2liv rm+2bathrm, 150.56sqm, RMB1,800,000, 6251-7110; Huifeng Mansion, Tianyaoqiao Rd, 3bdrm+2liv rm, 161.5sqm, RMB1,050,000, 6417-7018.




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Offers free service for you.
Houses at Xi Kan Rd/Jiang Ning Rd, US$3,500; Houses at Yong Jia Rd/Yue Yang Rd, US$4,000;
3bdrms apt at Central Residences (Hua Shan Lu), 175sqm, US$2,500 - US$3,000; 3 bedroom apartment at Shan Xi Rd(S),
total 140sqm, RMB11,000;
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