Shanghai No.1 Hospital top

85 WuJin Rd Tel: 6324 0090
Ophthalmology(Treatment for eye disorders), Nephrology(treatment for kidney disorders)

Ren Ji Hospital top

Ren Ji Hospital
145 Shan Dong Rd(middle)Tel: 6326 0903
Treatment for digestive disorders, cardioangiology(heart and blood disorders)


Hua Shan Hospital top

Hua Shan Hospital
430 Hua Shan Rd Tel: 6248 9999
Treatment for lung disorders, skin disorders, and cerebral surgery


Hua Dong Hospital top

Hua Dong Hospital
221 Yan An Rd (W) Tel: 6248 3180
Experts special department (Municipal Cadre Hospital) Cadre Health care


Zhong Shan Hospital top

Zhong Shan Hospital
180 Feng Lin Rd Tel: 6404 1990
Treatment for Liver disorders, Heart and blood vessel disorders


Rui Jin Hospital top

Rui Jin Hospital
197 Rui Jin Rd (2) Tel: 6437 0045
Hematology (treatment for blood disorders), skin burning, cardiology


Shanghai No.6 Hospital top

Shanghai No.6 Hospital
600 YiShan Rd Tel: 6436 9181
Surgery, orthopaedics(bone), B X-ray


Shanghai No.9 Hospital top

Shanghai No.9 Hospital
No.639 Zhizaoju Rd Tel: 6313 8341
Cosmetic surgery, surgery, Stomatological department(treating mouth and dental disorders)


Pediatric Hospital top

Pediatric Hospital
No.183 Fenglin Rd Tel: 7012 122 999
Special department for general paediatrics

Changzheng Hospital top

Changzheng Hospital
No.415 Fengyang Rd Tel: 6361 0109
Orthopaedics(bone), Hematology(blood disorders), Urology (Urinary disorders)






The Chest Hopspital top

No.241 Huaihai West Rd Tel: 6282 1990
Lung cancer, Thoracic surgery


Wuguan(the five senses) Hospital top

Wuguan(the five senses) Hospital
No.83, Fengyang Rd Tel: 6437 7134
Ear, Nose, Throat and Eye


Xin Hua Hospital top

Xin Hua Hospital
1665 Kong Jiang Rd Tel: 6579 0000
Pediatrics, Pediatric cerebral surgery


Shanghai No.1 Lung Hospital top

Shanghai No.1 Lung Hospital
507 Zhenming Rd Tel: 6511 5006
Treatment for T.B.(Tuberculosis), Lung cancer


The Obstetrics&Gynaecology Hospital top

The Obstetrics&Gynaecology Hospital
No.419 Fangxie Rd Tel: 6377 0161
Special department for gynecology



61 Yi Min He Rd Tel: 5589 0118
Special treatment for eyes with the most advanced surgical instruments


International Peace Maternity and Child Health Hospital top

International Peace Maternity and Child Health Hospital
910 Hengshan Rd Tel: 6407 0434
Gynecology and Obstetrics Services, VIP floor in cosultation with Johns Hopkins International and Proactive Medical Enterprise in the US



The Tumour Hospital top

The Tumour Hospital
No.270 Dongan Rd Tel: 6417 5590
Tumour treatment



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