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optimistic. Good at Mandarin with a certificate at an excellent grade. I can correct your Chinese pronunciation, and tell you about Chinese culture. Furthermore, I have lived in three different provinces and I know about regional customs and dialects, especially in relation to Yan’an in Shannxi Province which interests many foreigners. Please me an e-mail at: or phone me: 13636407063

Rodney, a 33-year-old Chinese man, a lover of English, working and living in downtown Taizhou, Zhejiang. I am a part-time writer for a Chinese newspaper so my written Chinese is good. In order to improve my English and know more about English culture, I would like to communicate with English native speakers to immerse myself in the English language. If you live in Taizhou or in the region, that’s fantastic. If you don’t live in Taizhou or in the region, you are welcome too. I can also help you improve your Chinese. If interested, I can be a tour guide part-time to show you the charming sights of Taizhou or China. Don’t hesitate to write an email to

Chinese-speaking Western man in his 30s looking for a Shanghainese girl for language exchange. Near Gubei — next to Donghua University, so Donghua University student preferred. Please reply with a brief intro & your mobile phone no. & photo to

Zinsser, Shanghainese, a male college student wants to make friends and communicate with you if you also live in Shanghai. I think we will develop each other in the course of exchanging our thoughts, talking about attractive topics and cultivating common interests, of course in English. If you are interested, you can send me a message to 13918111059 or e-mail to



Charlie, 20, Shanghainese, college student, a sunny boy. I want to seek foreign friends. I like English and karate. I am looking forward to talking with foreigners and improving my spoken English. I will also teach you some Chinese, culture and Shanghai dialect. Email:

Native Korean and English speakers wanted (for language and culture exchange). Levi, a 20-year-old Shanghai boy. Witty, outgoing, optimistic, perceptive. Good at Mandarin and Shanghai dialect. If interested, contact me at, SMS to 13564732298 or QQ352165993

Cecile, 24, female. I am looking for native French speakers or any French fans. My email is

Jessica, A brilliant girl you wouldn’t want to miss. Native Shanghainese, interesting, extroverted, loves to make friends and have fun. Proficient in English and German and wants to gain an insight into foreign cultures first-hand as well as to share opinions. If you are an expatriate living in Shanghai, please feel free to reach me at

Amily, Shanghainese, I am good at Putonghua (have certificate in Putonghua) and oral English. In order to improve my oral English and know more about a different culture, I would like to communicate with Americans (GB pronunciation) or British people. I also can check your Putonghua pronunciation. If interested, email me at

I need a Japanese language teacher who is able to teach me Japanese language proficiency 2 in my leisure time, preferably someone who lives in the Longbai area in the Minhang district. If interested, please contact me:; 64492255(at night)

I will have you know right off the bat that I am an absolute ogre. On a brighter note, however, I am a glib English (American) speaker with a great sense of humour. If you want to hang out, shoot me an email:

Nicole, F, I’d like to look for some native English speakers or any other English fans. I hope I can make friends with them and practise my English at the same time. Well, if you interested, pls write to And I will very glad to hear from you.

Cinderella, 24, postgraduate in Dalian. I want to find a native English speaker who also lives in Dalian. My email is If I see your letter, I will reply you soon.

Suki, F, Shanghainese a college student majoring in English. I’d like to make friends with native speakers (female partners) who have newly arrived in Shanghai. I think I can teach you Mandarin as well as Shanghai dialect and I hope I can be your good friend and guide in Shanghai. If you are interested please email to



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