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The Shanghai Star was launched in November 1992 as the city's first English-language newspaper since the founding of the People's Republic in 1949.

Published every Thursday, the 32-page weekly provides exclusive, in-depth reports on people and issues in Shanghai and neighbouring regions.

Currently published on Thursday, the 32-page tabloid is distributed in China and abroad.

Since its revamp in January 2001, the paper has received more attention from its readers, many of whom are white-collar workers and expatriates. It has distinguished itself with its socially conscious, human-interest, informative and entertaining approach. The London Guardian newspaper rated the Shanghai Star highly in its review of the Chinese media in 2001.

The Opinion and Letters pages allow different voices to be heard on a wide range of political, economic and social issues. The healthy debate on these pages has made them a popular platform for the newspaper to interact with its readers.

The Focus pages carry investigative and in-depth reporting on social issues relating to Shanghai. With an objective approach, the pages demonstrate the determination of our reporters to practise good journalism.

The Culture page has become a guidebook for expatriates and many locals to the country's rich cultural heritage, while the Bygone Shanghai column looks back at the city's fascinating history.

On the Profile pages are to be found accounts of the lives and work of all types of Shanghai people, whether they be top officials or menial workers, local or expatriate.

The Sports pages cover both international and local sports, while the Feature pages publish articles selected from foreign news organizations and syndicates.

The Flip Side contains comic strips, odds and ends and bridge and crossword puzzles.

The Shanghai Star's philosophy of serving the local and expatriate communities alike is reflected in its travel, lifestyle, food, fashion, health, city life, what's on and listings pages.

Your Shanghai Star can help you plan short weekend or long Spring Festival trips, find restaurants to enjoy your favourite cuisine, keep fit, enjoy theatre and opera, and find the best museums and galleries.

The Shanghai Star is distributed in China (newsstand price: 2 yuan) and overseas. Its publication licence number is CN31-0092 and its post office subscription code 3-85.

The paper can be read online at www.shanghai-star.com.cn

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