Eat almonds to stay young

By Maggie Lu

Shanghai Star. 2005-06-02

CELEBRATED beauty specialist Tammy Liu described vitamins A and C as "wife" and "concubine" of Vitamin E, because both can help vitamin E better function in the human body. But the younger and sweeter "concubine" has more power to urge vitamin E to slow down the pace of aging.

Liu says that's why eating the California almond, with its large load of vitamins E and C, is considered an effective way to maintain younger-looking skin and hair. Almonds also contain magnesium that Liu says works to create lighter and slimmer figures.

A cruel and unfair fact Liu revealed is that the aging process for women's skin speeds up at the age of 26, while men's starts at 46! Therefore, women should add more antioxidant foods like almonds to their daily diet.

Chef Qian Yibin, director of the Shanghai Cuisine Association, has thought over how to combine almonds - which Chinese usually only eat as snacks - with Chinese cuisine. He invented some light dishes with almonds for the coming summer, which weather forecasters have predicted will be scorching.

Almond and Australian scallops in juice


California almonds, stock, pumpkin juice, mixed vegetable juice, Australian scallop, salt, MSG, chicken powder


1. Mix pumpkin juice with stock, salt, MSG and chicken powder first. Add some starch and mix well.

2. Mix vegetable juice in the same way and pour it onto the pumpkin soup.

3. Dip the Australian scallops into smashed egg and some almond grains and fry them until they turn golden.

4. Absorb surplus oil with paper and put scallops on top of the soup.

Almond and salmon


California almonds, sliced salmon, sliced cabbage, baby tomato, sliced cucumber, lemon juice, thousand island dressing, salt


1. Quick-fry the peeled almonds till the aroma emerges.

2. Dress sliced salmon and cabbage with lemon juice, thousand island dressing and salt to taste. Put the almonds onto it.

3. Garnish them with cucumber and baby tomato and serve.

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