Intellectual property park to be set up

Shanghai Star. 2005-04-21

THE city government on April 20 kicked off a weekly citywide campaign to protect intellectual property rights (IPR) from infringement.

The local campaign is part of a nationwide event echoing World Intellectual Property Day which falls on April 26.

As the key component of the campaign, a patent exchange centre will be set up at the Shanghai Intellectual Property Park (IP Park) on April 25 to promote the registration and sale of patents, said Gu Yonghua, a spokesman for the Shanghai IPR Administration.

Close to the centre, the first of its kind in the city, an exhibition hall for displaying newly patented products will open to the public.

The IP park, which was set up in Yangpu District last year, has become a public multi-function platform to provide integrated services such as innovation, transformation, intellectual property rights application and safeguarding and education.

"Setting up the centre is designed to give an impetus to the registration of more patents and efficient use of them," Gu said.

In Shanghai, he said, 70 per cent of the applications come from enterprises and 30 per cent from individuals.

About 80 per cent of industrial patents have been implemented, but the percentage falls to less than 10 for individual patents, he said.

Chen Qide

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