Shanghai Star. 2005-04-14

"The most important characteristic of a chief executive of any region is that he or she should be a noble person."

- Li Ka Shing, business tycoon from Hong Kong, on the topic of the special administrative region's future chief executive.

"Seats on the Security Council should not be purchased or occupied by a country that has never confessed their war guilt."

- A North Korean newspaper commenting on Japan's attempt to gain a seat by promising to provide 16 African countries with economic aid to win their support.

"In fact, I personally don't want to see our premier visit the Yasukuni Shrine. I have to work overtime every time he goes there."

- A female official from the Japanese Embassy(???where??). It's said(???by whom???) that Japanese diplomats are trying to improve communication with the Chinese media, aiming to change the image of Japan in China so Chinese people will feel more favourably towards Japan.

"People are learning mathematics for a reason - but that is usually to obtain awards. Few are learning the subject because they are interested in it."

- Mathematician Qiu Chengtong arguing the Mathematics Olympics is strangling talent in the cradle.

"It was tiring taking crowded buses when I had no money years ago. But now it's just as tiring looking for parking lots."

- Comment by a car owner in South China's Guangdong Province. Guangzhou, capital city of the province, has seen the fastest increase of privately owned cars in China, but it is short of parking spaces.

"I hope that in 10 or 20 years we will not need to get up so early to line up to see a doctor, or depend on a special relationship to find a good doctor. We won't go to hospitals as we do today, filled with people like supermarkets during sales seasons."

- Writer Liang Xiaosheng commenting on the difficulties patients face in hospitals.

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