Seafood without the haste

Shanghai Star. 2005-03-10

For seafood lovers, an alluring choice is now available at the Hilton Shanghai.

After three months of creative remodelling efforts, "People on the Water?opened a month ago in the lower lobby of the hotel, on the site of the former "Shanghai Express?restaurant.

Shanghai may have the nation's most enthusiastic seafood population.

"Besides the Shanghainese passion for seafood, among local expats over 30 per cent are Japanese, whose fondness for seafood is also very obvious,?said Helen Song, assistant marketing and communication manager of the hotel.

To please such a market, the restaurant has entered into co-operation with the Ningbo-based seafood restaurant chain Han Tong.

"Our drive for perfection and emphasis on value for money made us look beyond our boundaries for expertise and advice,?said Volkmar Ruebel, general manager of the hotel. "And in our endeavors to find what's hot and new in the market we were attracted by the freshness, quality and value for money 'Han Tong?restaurants were providing in the city.?

First established in 1989 in Ningbo, the major port of neighbouring Zhejiang Province, Han Tong entered Shanghai four years ago and has six outlets in the city.

"The variety and quality of our seafood offerings are guaranteed by daily supplies of fresh ?and often live ?seafood items from Zhoushan Islands adjacent to Ningbo, known as the most well-preserved waters of the East China Sea,?said Tong Haibo, head of the restaurant's culinary team from Han Tong.

Presently, over 100 dishes, almost half of Han Tong's seafood specials, are available at the restaurant. Among these, one finds beloved delicacies including razor clams on sizzling plate, claypot of poached snails with yellow wine, steamed crab with broad bean paste, braised river eel and marinated crab with Chinese herb sauce.

With the hotel maintaining the service excellence it is known for, the restaurant offers a pleasant dining experience which differs in certain respects from regular Han Tong outlets, providing a far more leisurely ambience, for instance.

Sitting inside the glass cube private dining room constructed on a stream flowing through the restaurant, diners are visually entertained by carefully designed fish tanks and beautifully presented sample dishes set out around the restaurant.

Under the guidance of hostesses, diners pick live sea products from the tanks and are advised on the best way to have them cooked.

"If you like Han Tong seafood specials and are still looking for more, our restaurant is the obvious choice,?said Jesper Bach Larsen, food and beverage manager of the hotel.

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