Shanghai Star. 2005-01-06

Shanghai Grand Theatre

300 Renmin Dadao

Tel: 5466-0206


The Phantom of the Opera, by Andrew Lloyd Webber, debuts in Shanghai, marking the production's first Asian performance. Since it was first staged in London, the play has been seen by 58 million people all over the world. "The Phantom of the Opera" depicts a mysterious person with a beautiful voice living under the Paris Theatre. The grand stage sets and music have made the musical famous throughout the world.

7:15 pm, through February 13

1:30 pm, on Saturdays and Sundays through February 13

100-800 yuan

Children's drama

Jinan Children's Art Theatre from Shandong Province will stage a musical drama named "Big Nose Uncle's Adventure", with the aim of helping children to form good habits to protect the environment.

January 29-31

60 yuan

Shanghai Concert Hall

523 Yan'an Donglu

Tel: 6386-2836

New Year's concert

A 2005 New Year's concert will be staged by the Stockholm Sinfonietta. The tour of these musicians to China is their first to Asia and all of them are looking forward to presenting a superb programme for Chinese music lovers, under the guidance of conductor Maestro Alberto Hold-Garrido and highlighting the soprano Susanna Andersson.

7:30 pm January 6

100-600 (VIP)

Dominique Merlet

Merlet's piano recital. One of the series concerts of French Impressionism.

7:30 pm, January 14

80-380 yuan

Splendid Beethoven

Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra's serial concerts of Beethoven pieces.

7:30 pm, January 15, 22, 29

80-280 yuan

Sunday morning concert

Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra gives a regular concert on Sunday morning.

10 am, January 9, 30

15-50 yuan

Xu Zhong Vs Marc Coppey

Chinese pianist Xu Zhong and French cellist Marc Coppey collaborate in one of the series of concerts on French Impressionism.

7:30 pm, January 20

80-380 yuan

Beauty in the Music

A Night in the Far East, solo concert by Sun Meina.

7:30 pm, January 25

50-500 yuan

He Luting Concert Hall

20 Fenyang Lu

Tel: 6437-1192

Master concert (1)

Dimitri Bashkirov, one of the most talented piano masters in the world, will stage a piano recital, as part of the International Piano Master Class 2005. Bashkirov is considered representative of Russian academic musicians.

7:30 pm January 11

120-480 yuan

Piano recital

Chen Hongkuan's solo concert. The programme is: Rondo K511 by Mozart, Sonata in C Minor D958 by Schubert, Sonata in B-flat Major by Beethoven.

7:30 pm, January 13

80-280 yuan

Master concert (2)

World famous pianist Boris Berman, will stage a recital. He has been greatly honoured for his co-operations with many international orchestras and has made an important contribution to music education as well.

7:30 pm January 14

80-280 yuan

Piano master concert (3)

Pierre Reach, a world renowned pianist, will stage a piano recital in Shanghai.

7:30 pm January 15

80-280 yuan

Piano master concert (4)

Paul Badura-Skoda, a master of early piano, who thoroughly understands Bach and Mozart, will stage a piano recital.

7:30 pm January 16

120-480 yuan

Students concert

Outstanding Students from the International Piano Master Class 2005 will stage a recital after those of their four great tutors.

7:30 pm January 17

50-200 yuan

Majestic Theatre

66 Jiangning Lu

Tel: 6217-2426

The Maze

A fairy tale musical play produced by the Children's Art Theatre of Beijing. Avant-garde playwright Meng Jinghui, composer San Bao and Hong Kong star Steven Chow all contributed to the production.

7:15 pm, January 12-15

2 pm, January 15

80-380 yuan

Dunhuang, My Dreamland

A dance drama presented by Lanzhou Songs and Dances Troupe from Northwest China's Gansu Province. The play tells an ancient Chinese love story with ancient folk dances and rich costumes inspired by the Dunhuang fresco images.

7:15 pm, January 16

100-480 yuan

Gordenker Dance

The Russian company presents a show of global dances, from an American broadway medley to Indonesian, Spanish, Egyptian, Hawaiian and Indian dance.

7:15 pm, January 22-23

60-380 yuan

Swan Lake

The classical ballet presented by the Moscow Stanislavky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Music Theatre.

7:15 pm, January 26, 28

180-1,000 yuan

Notre Dame de Paris

A ballet presented by the Moscow Stanislavky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Music Theatre.

7:15 pm, January 27

180-1,000 yuan

Swan Lake

The classical ballet presented by the Russia National Ballet Theatre, accompanied by the Russian Symphony Orchestra.

7:15 pm, February 4-5

100-800 yuan

Oriental Art Centre

Tel: 6217-2426 6217-3055

New Year's concert

Vienna's Johann Strauss Waltz Ensemble will stage a New Year's concert. Over 20 of the greatest waltzes will be performed.

7:30 pm January 6

100-880 (VIP)

Piano recital

Anatol Ugorsky is considered the most talented pianist in the world. This tour is his third visit to China. Seven of the greatest works of Chopin and Beethoven, including four Mazurkas, and Klavier Sonata Nr. 32 c-Moll Op. 111, will be performed.

7:30 pm January 7

120-680 yuan

Lyceum Theatre

57 Maoming Nanlu

Tel: 6217-8530

Kunju opera

"Butterfly Dream" is an experimental Kunju play. The drama is a love story about the Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi who lived before the Qin Dynasty. Zhuang pretends to be dead and tests his wife's loyalty.

7:15 pm January 7

20-200 yuan

Local comedy

A classical comedy drama, "The House of 72 Tenants", will be staged. It was first produced in 1952, showing the hard life of Shanghai citizens before 1949.

7:15 pm January 14-15

20-300 yuan

Eighteen Springs

An original opera based on the novel by Eileen Chang is presented by the Shanghai Opera House. The play tells a tragic love story from the Shanghai of the 1930s.

7:15 pm, January 18-20

50-220 yuan

Huju opera

The classical Huju opera "Down to the Lower World" will be staged by the Shanghai Huju Opera Troupe.

7:15 pm January 21-22

20-250 yuan

Puppets show

"The Lotus Lamp", a puppet show rewritten from an ancient Chinese folk tale, will be staged. The story is about a brave boy called Chenxiang, who experienced lots of difficulties while rescuing his mother.

3:30 pm, January 29-February 3

50-60 yuan

Shanghai Centre Theatre

1376 Nanjing Xilu

Tel: 6279-8663


The Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe presents its famed repertoire every night.

7:30 pm, January 6, 8-19,21-27, 30-31

100-200 yuan

Yifu Stage

701 Fuzhou Lu

Tel: 6351-4668

Tian Xian Pei

A classical Huangmei opera play is shown.

7:15 pm, January 6

80-280 yuan

Nu Fu Ma

A classical Huangmei opera play is staged.

7:15 pm, January 7

80-280 yuan

Li Wa

Yueju opera "The Story of Courtesan Li Wa"

7:15 pm, January 14

40-150 yuan

Jade Hairpin

A Yueju opera play is staged.

7:15 pm, January 15

40-150 yuan

Hua Zhong Jun Zi

A Yueju opera play is presented.

7:15 pm, January 16

40-150 yuan

Butterfly Lovers

The Yueju opera play is shown.

7:15 pm, January 17

40-150 yuan

Zhen Jia Fu Ma

A Yueju opera play.

7:15 pm, January 18

40-150 yuan

Meng Li Jun

A Yueju opera play.

7:15 pm, January 19

40-150 yuan

Yihai Theatre

466 Jiangning Lu

Tel: 5396-7009

Pingtan opera

Sixteen artists of Pinghua and Tanci will perform a classical Pingtan opera to celebrate the Spring Festival.

2 pm January 15

50 yuan

Shanghai Circus World

2266 Gonghexin Lu

Tel: 3603-0788

Urban stunts

Shanghai Circus gives a regular acrobatic performance, presenting the troupe's repertoire.

7:30 pm, Through January 31

50-280 yuan

Dramatic Arts Centre

288 Anfu Lu

Tel: 6473-0123

100 yuan

To Heaven-Go Left, To Shenzhen-Go Right

A play adapted from the latest novel by Internet writer Murong Xuecun is about problems faced by modern urbanites.

7:15 pm, Through January 16

100 yuan

(No show on Mondays and Tuesdays)

Noises Off

A British farce by Michael Frayn is staged, directed by Chung King-fai from Hong Kong. It tells the story of a theatrical company engaged in the final rehearsal for a play called "Nothing On", which is about to go on tour. A farce occurs on stage as the actors put on a real-life comedy backstage.

7:15 pm, January 8-February 6

100-200 yuan

(Performed in Chinese with English subtitles)

Jing'an Hotel

370 Huashan Lu

Tel: 6248-1888

Chamber Music

Shanghai Symphony gives weekly chamber music concert. The coming week's programme includes: Piano Sonata in A-Flat Major by Beethoven, Introduction & Rondo Capriccioso by Saint-Saens, Theme Original and Variations by Wieniawski, Vilja's Song (from The Merry Widow) by Lehar, Shepherd on the Cliff by Schubert, and Dance of Sailors by Stravinsky.

8 pm, January 9

20 yuan

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