Hazards of male prostitution

Shanghai Star. 2003-08-21

THE problem of male prostitution was a "blind spot" in the campaign to prevent AIDS in China, according to a sex seminar held in Beijing recently.

The report of Jiankang Bao said male prostitutes had limited knowledge about AIDS and self-protection. They were in great danger of contracting venereal disease and AIDS.

A survey conducted by the China Centre for Disease Control and Prevention said the rate of venereal disease and AIDS in male prostitutes and their clients was now on the rise.

Between August and December last year, the centre launched a special examination of more than 95 men providing sexual services to homosexuals and bisexuals. Their average age was 19.2 years.

Each month, they had sexual intercourse an average of 7.2 times and rarely used condoms.

They gave as reasons for not using condoms that they sometimes felt they did not have the right to make the decision and that sometimes they wanted to earn more money.

All those surveyed were found to have limited knowledge about AIDS prevention. Only 9.5 per cent had a full understanding of AIDS. (Star News)

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