Nude gymnasts

Shanghai Star. 2003-02-20

THE widely hyped DVD showing three champion Romanian girl gymnasts performing in the nude first surfaced in Wuxi, according to a report in the Jiangnan Times.

The DVD of the girls doing their gymnastic routines completely naked was entitled, "Gold Bird, Three Romanian gymnastic champions' nude performance shows the real beauty!"

It was available in private shops selling DVDs and VCDs throughout Wuxi in Jiangsu Province.

A reader of the Jiangnan Times said he had viewed the DVD and it showed the three young women performing in the nude on the balance beam and on the uneven bars.

The DVD appears to be the same one that is creating a furore in Japan. The filmed au natural workout of the three Romanian Olympic medalists has stunned and angered Japanese gymnastic officials.

The three stars are Lavinia Milosovici, who won double Olympic gold in the 1992 Barcelona Games, Sydney gold medalist Claudia Presecan and Corina Ungureanu.

The Tokyo-based K-Network has released two DVDs, entitled "Gold Bird" and "Euro Angels" priced at 3,800 yen (US$56) each.

The DVDs on sale in China are not expensive at only 14 yuan (US$1.70) for the two discs. One local store keeper said she did not know what was on the DVDs but admitted the DVDs had not been imported legally.

A local government official said the authorities had no knowledge of the DVDs or of their appearance on the local market.

The authorities are not sure if either of the DVDs can be defined as being obscene and said the matter needed further investigation by the press together with the police.

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