Great Wall death stunt

Shanghai Star. 2002-10-10

Attempt to 'fly?over Wall ends in tragedy

ONE cyclist died in the attempt and one succeeded in "flying?over China's Great Wall during the National Day holiday.

The Evening News Today in Tianjin reported that the tragedy forced the cancellation of the event entitled, "Flying over the Great Wall by bike at Hang Xia Guan?

On October 2, the Tianjin Municipal Huang Xia Guan Great Wall Tourist Bureau organized the flying bicycle event with two young cyclists from Shaanxi Province attempting the stunt.

The first rider, Wang Huihai, managed to survive the jump with the best air flight of 30 metres.

Shortly after, the 30-year-old Wang Jiaxiong, failed fatally in his attempt. He fell out of the safety area and was rushed to hospital but died after emergency treatment.

This was the first time in China that a stuntman has been killed in the Flying-over-the-Great-Wall event since it began 10 years ago.

The first to succeed in flying over the Wall was Ko Shou-liang from Hong Kong. Since then, high-flying stunts such as the Great Wall event have been booming.

An increasing number of Chinese cyclists, drivers and adventurers have conquered the Great Wall or the Yellow River, the Chinese Mother River.

As stuntmen are looking for more suitable scenic spots to display their skills, organizers are planning more such thrilling stunts despite the death of Wang Jiaxiong because they assume they will benefit from the risky activities.

Hong Kong Satellite TV Station was reported to have put up 12 million yuan (US$1.45 million) and a domestic TV set manufacturer 6 million yuan for the first Great Wall cycle jump. The Hong Kong stuntman Ko Shou-liang himself is said to have invested 3.8 million yuan ($457 million) in his performance.

However, the profits brought in by these thrill-generating activities often fail to meet organizers?expectations. Sometimes, they even make a loss.

And this year the event cost a rider his life.One source said that a failure in the safety system for the event had led to the fatal accident.

Liu Tianliang, the coach of the dead cyclist, said: "Wang was in perfect condition. Maybe he was too self-confident of his technical abilities and that led to his failure.?

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