Japanese to play dance drama

By Zou Huilin, Shanghai Star. 2002-09-05
Dancers of the Takarazuka Revue Company in a file photo

THE Takarazuka Revue Company will perform at Shanghai Grand Theatre from September 13 to 15 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of diplomatic normalization between China and Japan. It will be the company's second series of performances in China.

"The company decided on the China tour at a strong request from the Chinese Government and China Performance Arts Agency as well as Shanghai OTV," said Teng Junjie, director of OTV Arts & Culture Channel.

The decision was also made as this year was the 88th anniversary of the company's foundation, he said.

According to Wu Tongwu, general manager of Shanghai Performance Arts Agency, the programme will be in two parts.

In the first part, a new dance drama called "Die Lian" (Butterfly Love) from famous Chinese tales and from Japanese Kabuki plays will be staged.

The second part will be a fantasy show, called "Southern Cross Revue in China," a dynamic dance number showing various human relations under the Southern Cross shining in the skies over the southern hemisphere.

The company has made overseas tours to 124 cities in a total of 16 countries. The China tour will be the company's 23rd overseas tour. It previously performed in Beijing and Shanghai from October to November in 1999 as a cultural exchange event between the two countries.

The Takarazuka was the first troupe to introduce revue to Japan.

19:15 of September 13-15

14:00 of September 14-15

Shanghai Grand Theatre

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Tel: 6372-8701, 6372-8702

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