More divorced couples prefer re-hitching

Shanghai Star. 2002-08-22

MORE divorced couples are coming together again after their separation.

Latest statistics from the Marriage Registration Department of Shanghai Municipal Civil Affair Bureau shows that 1,764 couples remarried one another last year.

This was more than double the number reported in the Shanghai Morning Post in 1994 when 671 tied the same knot again.

Figures also show that having a successful marriage after divorce is getting more difficult with the success rate for second marriages being only 18 per cent.

The Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences has conducted a survey of 200 couples who have remarried each other.

Many of the divorced couples had remarried within six months of their divorce and, in most cases, it was the ex-wife who proposed the idea of remarrying.

The reasons for re-hitching varied among different age groups: young couples might divorce on impulse and they chose to remarry and to start again after careful consideration; older couples remarried because they needed to care for each other.

About 70 per cent of the divorced couples remarried one another because of children. Experts said children were the key factor in remarriages.

And two out of five had felt lonely after the divorce.

The upsurge in remarriages reflected the fact that couples were now taking marriage more seriously and that they were looking for stability in marriage, said Yu Jian, a consultant at Shanghai Good Luck Marriage Sociology Consulting Centre.

On top of this, the difficulties found in second marriages also contributed to the soaring remarry-each-other rate.

It is difficult for the divorced, especially middle-aged women who set high standards for their prospective second husband, to find the ideal spouse. Chances are slim for those divorced women to find a second husband who is as good as their first.

However, 16 per cent of women who had remarried their first husband reported problems when old personality conflicts reappeared. (Star News)

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