Chinese women's skin

Shanghai Star. 2002-08-15

A CHINESE skin typology report was released during the 20th World Congress of Dermatology which closed recently in Paris.

O. de Lacharriere, a professor from L'Oreal's research department, in collaboration with Chinese dermatologists introduced a wide panorama of Chinese skin types.

Using a sample of 2,000 Chinese women from 25 to 60 years old, living in towns and the countryside in both north and south, they have charted different skin types, cutaneous aging, facial wrinkles and the impact of climate, spots on the face and hands.

Compared with European women, signs of ageing - spots and wrinkles - evolve differently on Chinese skin. Wrinkles do not appear at the same age or in the same places: for European women, signs appear around the crow's feet between 21 and 25 years old, between the eyebrows between 26 and 30 years and around the mouth five years later.

In China, these signs appear about 10 years later. For spots, development over time with age varies according to size, climate factors and exposure to the sun.

The research found that 30.8 per cent of Chinese women have dry skin mainly because of the climate and using water for facial cleaning.

About 25.6 per cent of those surveyed had oily skin. To the associated factors - history of acne, skin reactivity, irregular menstruation - should be added the consumption of spicy or sugary food.

Another 36 per cent of women presented sensitive skin but the prevalence rises to 56 per cent in regions where women eat spicy food such as Sichuan Province. Xiao Xu

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