Yangtze Isle greets guests with grapes

Shanghai Star. 2002-08-08
A young girl looks admiringly at a cluster of grapes on Jiangxinzhou Island in Nanjing.

PICKING grapes in an orchard, fishing by a tranquil pool and sampling typical rural food - these are part of the interesting activities being held on Nanjing's Jiangxinzhou Island, attracting many tourists recently.

The annual grape festival being held from July 27 to August 27 on the Yangtze River island provides city residents with a rare chance to savour rural lifestyle as well as the succulent grapes.

Around 50,000 people swarmed to this scenic spot to attend the opening ceremony on July 27 alone.

By planting grapes and other lucrative crops, the farmers have increased their family income considerably. Hotels, restaurants and farmhouses with special features have also been built by the farmers to provide quality services to visitors.

Getting there:

Bus 16 and Bus 33 takes tourists from Nanjing Railway Station to the Jiangxinzhou Ferry. There are boats shuttling between the ferry and the island.

Cars can directly enter the urban area from Zhongshan Gate and go straight to the Jiangxinzhou Ferry, the cars can be ferried to the island as well.

Sarah Ji

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