Citizen of the world presents Four Seasons

By Maggie Lu, Shanghai Star. 2002-01-17

JEAN-PIERRE Dosse is frequently to be seen in the local media these days. He is the general manager of the Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai due to open on January 28, which has already received a good deal of publicity for its hosting of the Terry Fox Charity Run a month ago.

Dosse received his professional training in France, his homeland, and Switzerland, graduating in 1968 from the Vieux Bois Hotel School. Since the age of 27 he has officially been a US citizen; but regarding his nationality he declares, in French-accented English, "I am a citizen of the world."

Dosse has spent a total of about 10 years over the last three decades working in the Taiwan hospitality industry. The Chinese he acquired there helps him a great deal in interacting with his staff.
Citizen of the World

"He is an open and humorous person with a deep concern for his Chinese staff," said Eva Ho, a hotel employee.

Dosse even participated in the Shanghai Marathon to support China's bid for the 2008 Olympic Games - an act that may not be understood by his native Paris, also among the bidders.

Dosse has opened 12 hotels in Asia-Pacific region by starting as a waiter and having worked his way up the ranks, but this will be his first in the Chinese mainland.

He realizes that the competition will be intense, but is confident: "Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts specialize in an exclusive service for our guests, and we rely on people, not machines."

The Four Seasons group's focus on the importance of good staff has contributed to the Canadian company's worldwide success. It was the only non-US company in Fortune Magazine's 2001 "Best Companies" list.

The hotel will mostly target the business market, but hopes to attract the local community with its dining facilities. There is a total of six venues serving Cantonese, Shanghainese, Japanese and European dishes.

"Consistent, good and personalized service is the secret of our success," Dosse said.

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