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Agriculture reform
Low productivity is the Achilles' heel of China's agriculture. Approximately, two thirds of China's population live in rural areas, but the high population does not alter the reality of consistently low agricultural productivity with agricultural output accounting for only 16 percent of the country's gross domestic product (GDP) and 4.9 percent of exports. How to increase the gains of farmers will top the government's agenda as China's entry to the World Trade Organization has a dramatic impact on the country's nearly 800 million farmers.

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adfadf[ quby--2007-07-25 17:24]


Hi guys[ Qian--2004-06-09 23:35]

  since we are all concerned about poverty and regional disparity in China, why dont we set up a special forum for this topic? For this purpose, i created a "Poverty-Relief Forum" for us to discuss the issue. The website address for the forum is as follows: please save it to your file so that you wont miss it next time. http://www.pickweb.com/cgi-bin/bbs3000/bbs.cgi?id=200406061000 See you'all there!  

The process of the useing credit card[ smith--2004-03-14 10:23]

  It is my first time to come here .Firstly i am glad to have comments on that screen ,I think government and social force should be involved in that project when it face with difficulity .there are some reasons to support my idea. firstly the using of the credit card is not by law .in that competitive world some snakes will take advantage of that chance.make the active thing negative.it is too badly .secondly the all forces are duty to take care of the prpgress. thirdly ,the system will correce itself ,form victionary to victionary .make it perfect. that is my idea .if you find my opinion is bad ,please send me some advice to my e-mail ,that is huxishui2003@tom,com  

subsidies[ Joanna--2003-09-23 10:50]

  The chinese government should work through the WTO to decrease agricultural subsidies of developed nations which impede the economic growth of developing nations. Chinese farmers and farmers of other LDCs are not able to compete internationally with farmers whose products are so heavily subsidised. The market is artificially skewed by the subsidies of rich nations. By increasing the profit (through a greater competitiveness) of China's and LDC's farmers the poor farmers will be able to develop.  

talent[ yang--2003-08-23 12:09]

  though oue government have take some measures,such as to buy the rice and wheat,etc,with the basis price,but it neglects the talents in rural areas.  


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